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Since 2011, we have been offering a branded selection of regal, romantic vintage with our signature style of girly, lacy and lovely fashion. Salvato Collection has the most posh online vintage shop and are one of the leading sellers of beautifully distinguished vintage, Victorian, and antique garments & selections.

As aficionados, we gather together pieces that tell wonderful stories. We love capturing each time period, whether its the Edwardian, Art Deco, Roaring 40′s, Kitschy 50′s, or Bohemian 70′s…we love it all. We have snagged wonderful Haute couture, from brag-worthy designers and we spend loads of time organically laundering, preserving, storing, and treating each piece.

If you need the perfect piece for a day wedding, weekend brunch or just have a need for gorgeous vintage; then come find the prettiest party dresses, most luxurious lingerie, rare collectible hats, delicate jewelry, that special anniversary present and so much more. From fairy tale weddings, daywear, to heirloom gifts. Check out the most desirable vintage fabrics of silk, chiffon, wool cashmere, lace & ruffles….all saved and restored for a new life, ready  to become your story.

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